In the area of engineering, we support our customers in the case of capacity bottlenecks or by bringing in our expertise in the processing of complete projects and complex issues. We can also implement the planned machines and devices together with experienced partners. Our service portfolio you can see below.

Development and Design

In mechanical development and construction, we bring in depth knowledge and experience, which is shown in detail as follows:

  • Development and construction of machines and assemblies by using SolidWorks
  • Provision of layouts, 3D data and production drawings in all common formats
  • Provision of parts lists and order documents
  • Creation of assembly drawings
  • Creation of assembly drawings (exploded drawings)
  • Creation of assembly flow charts and assembly animations

Consulting services and project work

Furthermore, we would be happy to advise you in the areas described above and support you with project work. These include in detail:

  • Consultind regarding complex technical issues
  • Sales and project planning support
  • Support in project execution
  • Supervision of development projects
  • Evaluation of used machines with regard to overhaul, conversion and conversion in relation to a product change, an increase in performance or to determine the cost / benefit ratio
  • Process analysis and process optimization of processes in machines or production plants

Design and Calculation

In addition to the above design services, we can support you in the design and testing of components and assemblies:

  • Design and calculation of mechanical engineering components according to the usual analytical calculation methods
  • Movement studies
  • Static structural analysis using the FEM method
  • Dynamic structural analysis using the FEM method
  • Static proof of strength according to FKM guidelines
  • Fatigue strength analysis using the FEM method
  • Determination of an increased static loading of components in the plastic area in order to avoid the use of materials with an unnecessarily high tensile strength