Machine Safety

Blow Moulding Technology

  • Development
  • Design with SolidWorks
  • FEM calculation with SolidWorks
  • Analytical calculations
  • Motion Simulation with SolidWorks
  • Project planning
  • Proect management
  • 3D-Druck von Kunstoffteilen
  • Consulting about machine safety according to MRL 2006-42-EG
  • Risk assessments according to DIN EN ISO 12100-1 / 12100-2 and DIN ISO/TR 14121-2
  • Performance level verifications according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Operating instructions according to DIN EN ISO 20607
  • Compilation of complete supplier documentation
  • Process support up to the creation of the declaration of conformity
  • Consulting in the field of blow molding technology
  • Planning of plants for blow molding and packaging process
  • Support in the development of blow moulded parts
  • Prozess optimization